Solar Slate Plate

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Quick and simple solar installations on slate roofs. No cutting, no sealants and no leaks.

Available in 13 different sizes with an option of either an L or Z shaped roof hook for various mounting rail types.

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Available in 13 different sizes with an option of either an L or Z shaped roof hook for various mounting rail types.

  • 2x 25mm Wafer Head Screws
  • 2x M8 Stainless Steel 30mm Bolts
  • 2x M8 Flanged Nyloc Nuts
  • 2x M6 90mm Stainless Steel Roof Screw
  • 2x Stainless Steel Slate Retaining Torsion Springs (Left/Right)
  • 2x Bonded Epdm Washers
  • 2x Large Epdm Washers
  • 2x O’rings

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

16" / 400mm x 9" / 225mm @ £11.50 + VAT, 16" / 400mm x 10" / 250mm @ £10.50 + VAT, 16" / 400mm x 11" / 275mm @ £10.50 + VAT, 16" / 400mm x 12" / 300mm @ £11.50 + VAT, 18" / 450mm x 9" / 225mm @ £11.50 + VAT, 18" / 450mm x 10" / 250mm @ £10.50 + VAT, 18" / 450mm x 12" / 300mm @ £11.50 + VAT, 20" / 500mm x 9" / 225mm @ £11.50 + VAT, 20" / 500mm x 10" / 250mm @ £10.50 + VAT, 20" / 500mm x 11" / 275mm @ £11.50 + VAT, 20" / 500mm x 12" / 300mm @ £11.50 + VAT, 22" / 550mm x 11" / 275mm @ £11.50 + VAT, 22" / 550mm x 12" / 300mm @ £11.50 + VAT, 24" / 600mm x 12" / 300mm @ £11.50 + VAT

Roof Hook

L Roof Hook @5.00 + VAT, Z Roof Hook @ 5.25 + VAT, L Roof Hook @ 4.50 + VAT, Z Roof Hook @ 4.75 + VAT

1 review for Solar Slate Plate

  1. Gary Haines

    After receiving an instruction to proceed with a 33.35kW solar PV installation upon 4 roofs of a private estate, we wanted to find a more cost effective solution for installing the mounting system to the 3 slate roofs in the project.
    We discovered the Solar Slate Plate and contacted Mike Share to discuss the benefits and cost effectiveness of the product. After this discussion we opted to use the Solar Slate Plate for this installation.
    The service provided was exemplary from start to finish. The products were delivered directly to site when promised with very little time between order placement and delivery. On day 1 of the project, Mike Share attended site to make sure we had a complete understanding of the plate installation methods, although in reality the demonstration was not really required as this product is so simple to use that you cannot really go wrong.
    The cost of the plate itself is higher than other slate fixing solutions on the market but the positive impact it has on installation time heavily out ways the additional cost of the product itself. The 3 installations(total 25.5kW) were installed in 3 days by 2 panel fitters so a substantial saving was made on the installation costs. The benefits of this product for us are listed below:

    Easy and quick to install
    No need to cut tiles
    No Leaks
    Removed tiles can be left with the client as spares or sold on to reclaim
    No need to order in spare tiles to cover accidents during installation as removed tiles can be used
    Fit for purpose
    Reliable, honest and professional service


    In my opinion, the Solar Slate Plate is the best slate fixing solution for solar PV installations on the market. After installing this product I would not consider using any other product currently out there. Couple this in with a very high level of service, there is no reason to go elsewhere.

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