Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that Solar Slate Plate assembly instructions must be adhered to at all times.
The following regulations apply;

  •  The Solar Slate Plate may only be used and installed by people who can be deemed as being competent
    and are technically suitable to carry out the work in a safe and practical manner, eg (appropriate
    training or occupation), and/or experience of having prior knowledge of working on slated/tiled roof’s.
  • Before installation can take place, it is a requirement that the Solar Slate Plate meets the local static requirements. For pitched roof systems the load bearing capacity of the roof must be checked in principle.
  • All relevant building regulations, standards and environmental regulations must be adhered to. Working in a safe manner is of great importance and all relevant standards and regulations of occupational associations are to be adhered to at all times, eg working at height, loler etc.
    The assembly instructions of the rail and module manufacturer are to be adhered to.
  • An up to date copy of the assembly instructions must be available on site to refer to for correct installation.
  • In the event of non adherence to our regulations, and if competitors parts or components are used in place of supplied parts/components, Solar Slate Plate Limited reserves the right to refuse liability.
  • Disregarding our regulations/requirements and assembly instructions and not using all mounting components/assemblies supplied by us, and when components are used which are not supplied by us (rails, modules), Solar Slate Plate Limited will not be held liable for any resulting defects and/or damages.
    The warranty will be excluded in such cases.
  • If all relevant regulations/requirements and installation instructions are adhered to and the Solar Slate Plate is correctly installed, there is a product warranty of 10 years.
  • Solar Slate Plate Limited will always try to improve its products. Assembly instructions/processes may change due to this. Before installation it is important to check the up to date assembly instructions provided or telephone our office.

Solar Slate Plate Ltd guarantees its components (all steel, aluminium, plastic and stainless steel parts), that under normal application, installation, operation and maintenance conditions they are free from material and manufacturing failures for a period of ten (10) years. In the case that the quality of a component does not meet the stated guarantee conditions, Solar Slate Plate Ltd will within the period of ten (10) years from date of sale by Solar Slate Plate Ltd, of their own choice either repair the product or deliver a replacement. Repair and replacement delivery are the only and exclusive options this guarantee provides for and are confined to the specified duration of ten (10) years. Costs for the dismantling of a defective component, return transport to Solar Slate Plate Ltd or the authorised seller as well as reassembly are excluded from this guarantee. Statutory warranty rights of the buyer remain unaffected.

Exclusion from guarantee

The existing guarantee does not apply in the event of Solar Slate Plate Ltd, after their own tests, establishing that a mounting system was incorrectly operated or negligently used, involved in an accident or damaged as a result of improper use, modification, incorrect installation or application, or as a result of carelessness in storage, transport or handling, or where repairs to the component were undertaken in any way or manner by persons other than Solar Slate Plate Ltd or specifically authorized third parties of Solar Slate Plate Ltd. This guarantee will not be applicable to defects of components – due to forces of nature, force majeure and other unforeseeable circumstances outside the control of Solar Slate Plate Ltd, as well as, for example, earthquakes, typhoons, whirlwinds, volcanic eruptions, floods, lightning strikes, snow damage, nuclear events etc.
– due to improper maintenance and inappropriate tests, flying objects or external loads.
– with loads that are higher than the named design load in Eurocode EC 1,

Limits of the Guarantee

The present guarantee replaces any previously given guarantees. Solar Slate Plate Ltd are not liable for
additional, secondary or other, however caused, damage.

Claims on the Guarantee

In the case that you have a justified guarantee claim, please promptly notify the authorised seller or Solar Slate Plate Ltd. You will then be given information on how you can enter a claim.

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