Solar Slate Plate installations are quick and simple to do, with no fuss and no mess.

Solar Slate Plate reduces installation times and eliminates health and safety risks and issues, no need to cut any slates reducing inhalation of  harmful slate dust. You won’t be left with excess pieces of slates to dispose of.

You don’t need to use mastics or sealants to provide weather proofing. No need to carry bags of tools onto the scaffolding. You won’t have to purchase replacement slates that add extra costs .

Do I need to buy the fixings separately?

No, all fixings are included in the price of the kit.

“It really is a truly remarkable piece of kit”

Solar Slate Plate Installations

Materials Required…

Solar Slate Plate Kit
Z or L Bracket Attachment

Current Method Installations

Materials Required…

Selected Braket Type
Lead Flashing or Alternative
Spare Slates (50+)
Mastic or Sealants
Slate Clips
Copper Nails
Fixing Screw/bolts

Tools Required…

Slate Rip
Cordless Drill
Drill Bit

Tools Required…

Slate Rip
Cordless Drill
Slate Cutter
Mastic Gun
Screw Driver
Stud Finder
Rusty Old Saw
Rubble Sacks
Dust Mask


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With over 40 year’s experience in the roofing industry, current directors Paul Davis and Mike Share have extensive knowledge of how solar installations should be done on each particular roof covering, having been involved in many commercial and domestic solar pv installations throughout the UK.

How it Works…

Please view our installation instructions…

“It is cost effective, quick and easy to install, no cutting involved. It doesn’t rely on sealants and it reduces labour which in turn saves the company money. It’s a great product.”

James LambertDirector of Operations, ITS